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FACEBOOK: @artractive.studio I am based on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia.

My name is Keziah, 21 year old female artist from Australia. Relentlessly inspired through stories, music, my faith in God, and the beauty of people and nature in the world around me. In my early childhood, when I first realised how much I loved to draw, I instantly knew what it is I wanted to do with my life.


Many years later... Artractive, my business, was born! Created out of a fierce passion to create authentic hand drawn artwork to inspire and reach out into the world in a powerful new way. My artworks are each custom made by pencil, paints and pens; carefully crafted in tiny details with hands of focus and patience... each breathed with heart and truth. Some artworks were birthed out of the battles I have overcome, victories I have celebrated and other incredible moments of my life. I create because I was blessed to be freely created with my talents and gifts by my creator, Jesus Christ who gave me everything I have and who has died for us all on the cross to set us free and give us hope and a bright and certain future. Artractive is the story of an adventurous, redemptive and reborn life, it is the journey that is being written upon each day through every season, inspired by the people and events around me. Art is the way we can communicate without words; through emotions and inspirations, every artwork tells a powerful story.  

Let the artwork speak to you and get to know the heart of the Artist.

Draw near.  
Artractive, since 2016.